Do you want to free yourself from cigarettes? Do you believe the risks are not worth it?
Do you fear your health will suffer? Are you finding it harder to exercise?
Have people in your family suffered from smoking-related ill-health?
Are you embarrassed to be smoking? Do you feel you lead a secret life?
Are you ready to forget the guilt you feel when having a cigarette?
Do you want better health, more energy, better skin, or simply to smell nice?
Would you like to spend your money on a holiday or on building memories with family or friends?

So the hypnotherapy treatment has been 100% effective. I have not smoked since the day of our session, which is just over 2 weeks now. I feel so good, and I am so happy that I stopped in time for my new job!
K.H., North London

What can you expect?

A free initial consultation on the phone or in person (20 to 30 minutes) to discuss what you would like to achieve, and an opportunity to get to know me.

Once you have decided to book your appointment, I’ll send you a questionnaire which allows me to tailor the appointment to your needs. You’ll also receive a recording to listen to every day for about 7-10 days, preparing you for the change and a “first cigarette diary”, asking you some questions about this first cigarette of the day.

Your appointment will be up to 3 hours, designed according to your situation and what changes need to happen. You’ll leave with a booklet with information and techniques designed to maintain the change.

For four months after our appointment, you have access to support by phone or email, and extra sessions at no additional cost should you need it.

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